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Why choose Linux hosting?

Whenever there is a discussion on website hosting, mostly it is seen that people are opting for Linux. There are several reasons behind choosing Linux hosting for your site. No cost is associated with most versions of Linux because it is an open source. Thus, Linux is the excellent choice for cheap dedicated servers. Services [ ]

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Linux beats windows in servers

Linux always beats windows in servers being its dedicated servers, VPS or cloud servers. Without a doubt, we can say that Linux is better suited to dedicated servers, virtual private server or cloud servers than Windows. Why? See the ways. Stability: Concerning stability, Linux can run for several years, without any failure. It is good [ ]

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Business website with Linux Host

Build a personal website, an e-commerce site, a blog, or a website for a specific occasion or promotion, Fantastico and Site Builder can be convenient for users. tenders various hosting plans so one can prefer the best suitable hosting plan for his website. The frequently used hosting plans are shared, virtual private server [ ]

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An online presence

Are you planning to start your own online business, provide you the Fantastico E-commerce scripts, which you an opportunity to create your web design quickly. What to ask when choosing a Web hosting service? Choosing a reliable web host is one of the more important decisions you’ll make for your business. Whether you’re online [ ]

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website host LinuxHost

What does it take to set up an extensive website? To create a website, you only need to do these two things: Sign up for website hosting, and choose a domain name ( Create your website. A domain name is the Internet address of a website or blog. (For example, is the domain name [ ]

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