Artificial Intelligence in Hosting Industry

The biggest expenditure to the web hosts and service provider is their workforce. A sales team to bring potential customer, support team to resolve the issues and management team to manage. To communicate with all the stakeholders and keep them in touch, tools such as ChatWoo are available. Interactions can be made through telephone, using messenger, skype or other instruments over the Internet. Customers sometimes get frustrated to listen to the menu of options, when already they are in the tension of problems or issues with the system. Although, those options can direct them to a proper representative for that particular issue. Ananova first virtual newscaster was advanced automation service in Artificial Intelligence approach. Chatwoo receives many requests to simulate the human conversation and minimize the customer effort to reach the right support personnel. Use of Artificial Intelligence presently is a costly option, and only big brands can afford it. Mid-or-low level hosting

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